Import Listings

This tutorial will show you how to import entries into the Listings portion of your real estate website.

Please review this help article to understand the best way to format files when you import them

  1. Go to the Forms area from your website's side menu


  2. Find your listing form, hover the mouse over Settings then click "Import Entries"


  3. Choose the file you'd like to import and click the Upload File button (use a .CSV file. If you do not use a .csv file you will get an error when trying to upload)


  4. Once your file is uploaded, you can map the fields manually or automatically. Clicking Map Exact Matches will automatically select the fields which exactly match.

    You can alternatively manually map fields by selecting from the dropdown menu

  5. Once all of your fields are mapped correctly, click Begin Import at the bottom

    *You can save this configuration by clicking the "Save Configuration" button. This will help you import more easily in the future.

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