How to use Instant Lead Notifications

Customers on the Pro and Rainmaker plans get unlimited instant lead notifications via SMS.

What are instant lead notifications?

These are text messages send to your phone as soon as you receive new leads through your real estate website.

Why use instant lead notifications?

Research shows that instant lead notifications are valuable because engaging prospects while they're still "warm" leads to higher conversions.

What can instant lead notifications be used with?

Instant notifications can be turned on for any type of form including opt-ins, intake forms, contact forms, and submissions from any custom forms you've added on your website.

How to turn on lead notifications

To enable lead notifications on your website just contact us with the form(s) you want instant notifications for and the phone number where you want to receive these text (SMS) messages.

Note: Though there is no cost associated with sending these notifications from your website, your carrier's standard text messaging rates apply for receiving these notifications.

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